We all assume that our WordPress site will update fine every time, as it usually does, I have been guilty of that too. However, things do occasionally go awry. I have seen it time and time again that updates with certain plugins don’t play nice. So you push through your site updates, and you notice it’s taking a long time, so do you refresh or just try to wait it out. What happens if your update froze? Before I started doing Safe WordPress updates on my site, I constantly worried if my luck would run out, and it did once or twice. Luckily, I had some sort of backup to be able to use, but it wasn’t until I lost everything did I start backing up my site. I now, years later, have learned a thing or two about WordPress updates. I see every so often that a site update doesn’t go through for what ever reason, but that’s where Safe Updates come into play.

So what is this Safe Update you talk about? Safe Updates for WordPress or any site, are where you have usable backups in place (usable is key!), and after backups are in place, then you push through your updates. I typically push through all my plugin updates at the same time, and then all my themes. I have noticed though that sometimes, certain plugins and themes don’t play well together for updates. So that’s where¬† Safe Updates come in. With Safe Updates it’s worry free about if the site will update smoothly because, if it doesn’t the site is automatically restored to the backup you just did.

After the update fails, I will start with my report of why an update failed I get from my software, which will tell me what plugin or theme failed. Then I look into the plugin or theme to see if there is any reason why it should fail. If I find no reason, I try again with a full Safe Update, but this time I take each plugin update one by one. After each update for the plugin or theme goes through successfully, I look at the site, and check to make sure it still works as it should, before moving to the next update. I do this slow process for each update the site has, to ensure that I can narrow down the cause of the failure, and work to resolve it. I have found when I take updates one by one, I don’t usually get a failure as often.

Without Safe Updates, and the auto restore feature my software has, none of this would be possible. Especially when my sites are holding more and more critical data, it’s so important to not have a lot of down time, and to make sure I have usable backups, for in case something happens.