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the owner, Kurt

I am Kurt Ness, the owner and founder of Kurt Ness Support, LLC. I have had an interest in information technology and computers from a very young age. 

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Interactive Web Management with a Digital Marketing Emphasis. During that time I honed my skills of website design through multiple website classes where I learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, all to different levels. 

During this time, I worked in all different businesses sizes, including a small, local not for profit organization, to a large enterprise public organization, and everywhere inbetween. I also created countless websites for clients in the Fox Valley area, and tutored/was a teacher assistant for a campus website design class.

I started my own website and graphic design business in the summer of 2015 when working at the campus help desk part time, during my 1 1/2 years of owning the business I had a couple clients in the area. I eventually decided to close the business in December of 2016 to be able to put more effort into my other positions and school work.

Before I graduated in spring of 2018, I already had my first freelance client. Over the next summer and fall I soon added more projects and clients. In October of 2018 I officially started Kurt Ness Support, LLC, with a focus in website design, but also offering social media consulting, and residential and small business IT services.

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Years of Professional IT Work

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Why choose us

Full Transparency

I provide full transparency, as that is a value I fully believe in. You will never be blindsighted by anything, including hidden costs, as I do not believe in thoses.

Low overhead costs

Since I operate out of my home, and have no staff, I have very low overhead costs to cover, which means I can pass those savings on to you.

I do all my own work

Occassionally I may consult or utilize services of other individuals, but you will always be aware of that.

Online Client Portal

Unlike with other local companies, I maintain a secure Client Portal, where you sign in to view contracts and other documents, submit support tickets, and manage and pay invoices.

Extensive website design experience

I have over 9 years of website design experience, with over 25 websites created.

I only have a handfull of clients, which means one-on-one, personalized attention

When you are choosing someone to help you with your tech support needs, you want to know who you are working with. By working a small organization, you get one-on-one attention from me.

No long term commitments

I personally hate long term commitments myself, and so I wouldn’t impose those on others. My contracts are set up by an estimated hour basis for the project. I bill at the end of the month for services I performed in that month, and only for hours I actually worked in that month. If you are not happy with my services, you are able to leave at any time, never locked in.

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