Managed WordPress Services

You already have one job, running your business…let us handle your website

Our Managed WordPress Services

Let us manage your website for you, with our Managed WordPress Services! We will make sure your website is secure, update to date, and has reliable backups incase something happens.

We are constantly monitoring global WordPress security threats, to help prevent your website from hijacked by hackers. We analyize the global threats to see how they may impact your website. We then take additonal precautions to help make your website even safer. That is standard with every plan.

With our more advanced plans you have more frequent backups, uptime monitoring, so we can make sure your site is online as much as possible, plugin and theme security monitoring, and included technical support.


Worry Free

Safe Website Updates

Reliable & Secure Backups

Month to month contracts

Many more features available...


$50/month without AutoPay
$45/month with AutoPay
  • 4x Daily² Backups
  • Safe Website Updates
  • Customized Website Report
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Security Monitoring
  • Performance Monitoring
  • 90 minutes of Technical Support
  • Software Licensing Fee Included


Customized Website Reports


With our customized website report, your site performance and health is all in one easy to read report, that is customized to what you want to see. By default we will include all Addons you are subscribed to, along with Google Analytics reporting for your website as well.

Uptime Monitoring


If your website goes down, we will be notified. Using our software, we constanly monitor your site to see if it is down or not. If it goes down, we will work to get it back up before your customers realize it was down.

Software Licensing

starting at $20/month

Let the power of our software help your website. We have access to multiple software licenses that we can utilize for your website, to increase your efficiency when working in your website, and to increase the look, feel, and functionality of your site. Our low flat rates provides you access to all of our software.

Addon Cost: $20/month

Alone Cost: $35/month

Performance Monitoring


Security Monitoring


Hourly Backups³


3rd Party Integration


Have a 3rd party website integration service, such as booking software, or real estate software integrated with your website? If so, for only $10/month we will support that software as well!

PCI Compliance Services

starting at $10/month

Additional Tech Support


Have something more in mind?

1. Daily backups are a minimum of 27 backups per month

2. 4x Daily backups are a minimum of 108 backups per month

3. Hourly backups are a minimum of 650 backups per month

Uptime Monitoring checks monitors every 10 minutes

Performance and Security Monitoring are a minimum of 15 days per month

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