Our Clients

Here are some our current work.

Oshkosh Herald- Website

We did a renovation and revamping of their site to bring it into the next phase of the internet. This site runs the WordPress CMS, and uses WooCommerce to facilitate e-commerce transactions for the purchasing of subscriptions to the print edition. This site also features an option for advertisers to pay their bill online through the website.

Key Real Estate Services, LLC- Website

We created a band new website, and gave Key Real Estate Services their online web presence. This websites runs on the WordPress CMS, with integration with their MLS listing service. We integrated this website with a 3rd party company to provide their MLS Listing built right in, to provide a seamless transition from the main website to the listing pages and back. Visitors see one consistant look and feel of the website.

Peppler Properties, LLC- Website

We created a brand new website running on WordPress CMS for Peppler Properties. This new website features interactive search boxes for perspective residents to find their new house. Each property has detailed information about it, and features a map on the listing, to show where the property is located in comparison with other areas.

Kurt’s Past Work

Kurt did website design and social media work for many years before creating Kurt Ness Support, LLC. Here is some of the work that Kurt did in the past.

Happy Face Apparel- Website

I created a brand new web site for Happy Face Apparel, built on the WordPress CMS. The site was an e-commerce store selling specialized clothing for children with special needs. The site used WooCommerce for their shopping experience with PayPal to handle payments. The products and their stock level was synced with Quickbooks online every 15 minutes. New purchased automatically were synced into Quickbooks online as sales invoices as well. The site features a Stamps.com integration for shipping label creation right inside of the website backend.

The Advance-Titan- Website

I created a brand new site for The Advance-Titan, the UW Oshkosh student newspaper, on the WordPress CMS. The website offered all the stories online in individual posts with the writers receiving credit for their work through online profiles. Each staff member had a profile on the website to highlight their work for their articles. Each photo also had photo credit linking back to the photographers profile, where the photographer could upload photos for a portfolio. Community members could create accounts to comment on the articles. The website took 9th place in the Best of Show for large schools, over 10,000 students, in the nation at a national college media convention.


Community for Hope- Social Media Proposal

For a senior seminar class about Social Media, I worked with another student to create a social media for a local non-profit, Community for Hope. This social media plan included a social media post calendar for one month for two social media platforms and sample posts for two weeks. This also included a sample video and sample podcast for them to use to post on social media and on their website. This was presented at the end of the semester to the stakeholders of Community for Hope.


Brand Bags, LLC- Website & SEO

I did a website revamp and rennovation for Brand Bags, built on the Etsy website platform. Within the limited constraints of the Etsy website builder, I was able to integrate slide shows, and to help tell the story of Brand Bags. I worked with Cheryl to make sure her bags stood out on on the website, and to ensure her products were optimized for the Etsy SEO. Through the use of hashtags and keywords, I was able to increase her product visibility.

Ness Cottage- Website

The Ness Cottage is a booking site for a cottage belonging to the Richard and Wendy Ness Trust. This website was built on the WordPress CMS for a final senior project and presentation. It features secure, private logins for family members to have their own accounts on the site. The site also includes a liability form, with online signature so that guests, and visitors to the cottage will not sue in the event of injury or death. It also includes an agreement that users must initial online before being able to access the booking calendar. Through the online booking calendar, users can view weeks when the cottage is open, who is using the cottage a certain week, and request a week at the cottage. Users can see who has the week, and details about their length of stay on the calendar, so they may communication with other family members about swaps if need be.